Home Theater Speaker Placement 101: How the Get the Best Sound

Home TheaterIf you’re investing in a home theater, then you’re going to want to make sure that your speakers deliver the best sound possible. Part of that is making sure the speakers are placed appropriately to create an immersive experience. Now, we’ve taken a closer look at where and how you can place your speakers in order to be sure that you’re going to get the best audio possible in your home.

Home Theater Speakers

If you decide to invest in a home theater system, then placement is extremely important. Plugging in your speakers right beneath your screen is a poor use of top-quality sound. It simply blares the sound from one direction, and doesn’t give the same immersive experience as it would if the speakers were placed elsewhere.

First of all, let’s start out with stereo audio. This is simply two channels of audio; one is for the left speaker and one is for the right speaker. There are also more-complex home theater audio systems that include adding a subwoofer, or adding additional channels to create a 360-degree experience around the listener.

Where to Place Your Speakers

When it comes to actually placing your speakers, consider where your audience is. Place your subwoofer almost anywhere you want, since it’s omnidirectional. Just make sure not to place it directly in a corner, or inside any sort of recessed cabinetry.

Next, you’ll want to place your left and right speakers. You should put them about three to four feet away from your screen to either side. In addition, these speakers should be off the ground, and roughly ear height with the listener.

If you have a more-advanced speaker system that includes surround sound channels, then place those channels at about 90 to 110 degrees relative to your listening position. This means placing them right beside each of your ears, or slightly behind them by 10 to 20 degrees. You’ll also want to be sure these speakers are off the ground, and slightly above the listener’s head.

If you have two more surround speakers, then place them to the sides of your listeners. Like the other surround speakers, you’ll want them to be slightly above your listeners’ heads.

Creating a Home Theater

If you’re interested in creating your own home theater for personal use, then consider having My Audioworks install a professional speaker system in your own. Not only will it give you an in-depth experience, but it will also entertain you for years to come.


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