How to Find a Problem with Your Car’s Amplifier

car amplifier problemInstalling an amplifier in a car can be tricky. If it is not set up correctly, you can hear crackling or popping sounds, or it might just not work at all. If you installed your car amplifier yourself and are having one of these problems, here are some tips to help you figure out the cause.

Disconnect the Wires and Check for a Problem

The first step is to remove all of the speaker wiring and RCA wiring so only the power, ground, and remote leads are connected. This will get the amplifier in its most basic state and will help you identify the source of the problem. If you are still having a problem when you have removed the speaker and RCA wiring, that could mean the amplifier is defective.

Another common source of problems is the amplifier touching metal. It needs to be mounted to a non-conductive surface. Make sure the mounting screws have not gone through the amplifier mounting surface.

Check to see if the amplifier has power, ground, and a remote turn-on signal. You will need a voltmeter to test the connections. There should be a power or LED light showing that the amplifier is on. Sometimes the light will turn orange or red to indicate a problem with the amplifier or its installation.

Reconnect the Wires

After you have done this, you can reconnect wires one at a time until you identify the cause of the problem. Connect the RCA cables first. If this does not cause an issue, reconnect the speaker wires one at a time.

If the speaker wires cause a problem, it is likely that they are touching metal in the car. This can create a motorboat effect. Make sure the speaker wires and terminals are not touching in the rear deck or anywhere else. The rear deck is where problems most often occur.

The speaker wires may also be pinched by a part of the vehicle, such as a seat. This can make the wires become grounded.

What to Do If You Can’t Find the Problem

If you cannot locate the source of the problem after following these steps, bring your car to My Audioworks. One of our trained and experienced technicians will look at your amplifier and how it was installed to figure out what is causing it to not work correctly. Call or stop in today.


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