How to Maintain Your Home Speakers and Get the Best Sound Possible

home speaker maintenanceIn order to get the best quality sound in your home, you need to have good speakers that are set up properly and well maintained. With proper care and maintenance, your speakers can deliver top-notch sound consistently for many years. Here are some tips to help you take care of your home speakers.

Setting up Your Speakers

Having the wiring set up correctly is critical to the performance of your speakers. Make sure the components are plugged in correctly and connected to the right jacks to avoid damaging the system.

Do not put your speakers near a magnetic source because that can damage the inbuilt electromagnet. You also should not put them on a metal stand that is conducive to magnetism. Put the speakers on a wooden or nonmagnetic stand.

After you buy your speakers, you should allow them to run for at least 24 hours to identify any problems. This is called a burn-out test. It will help you identify any manufacturer’s defects.

Keeping Speakers Clean

You should clean your speakers on a regular basis. Do not use a liquid cleaner that could damage the amplifier. Check with the manufacturer for a recommendation.

Dust can affect the performance of your speakers. Put them in a place where dust will not be able to get inside the net or interior of the speakers. You can use a vacuum to clean out dust occasionally.

Preventing Damage to Your Speakers

Static electricity can affect the performance of your speakers. Just walking across a carpet and touching a speaker can cause damage. You can prevent static electricity by using anti-static floor mats or spraying anti-static chemicals.

Heat can also damage speakers. Keep your speakers away from direct sunlight. If a speaker has a vent hole in the bottom, it should not be blocked.

Ventilating your speakers can increase their life. You can set up a fan near your speakers to keep them cool when they are being used.

Your speakers will need an uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabilizer. This will protect them if there is a power outage, electrical surge, or storm.

Where to Get Advice about Home Speakers

Read the maintenance guide that you got when you bought the speakers. It will have detailed instructions and tips on how to take care of your specific brand of speakers and extend their life.

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