How Do Police Use Laser Guns to Catch Speeders?

laser-speed-laser-jammerPolice departments across the United States have several tools that they can use to detect the speed of vehicles and issue speeding tickets. More and more police departments are relying on lasers to catch speeders.

How a Laser Gun Calculates a Driver’s Speed

A lidar (light detection and ranging), or laser, speed gun can calculate a vehicle’s speed by figuring out how long it takes the light from the gun to reflect off a vehicle. The reflection of a light beam is similar to the reflection of sound off an object that causes an echo. However, light travels much faster than sound.

A police officer’s laser speed gun shoots infrared laser light in a very short burst. The laser gun waits for the laser light to be reflected off the targeted vehicle and counts the number of nanoseconds it takes for the laser light to return. That time is divided by 2 and used to calculate the distance between the laser gun and the car.

A laser gun can take as many as 1,000 samples per second. It compares how much the distance changes between samples to calculate the car’s speed. Since so many samples are taken in a short period of time, a laser gun can very accurately calculate a vehicle’s speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Laser Guns

Many police departments use lasers rather than radar to calculate drivers’ speeds because lasers emit a very small cone of light, even at a range of up to 1,000 feet. This allows a police officer to focus on a specific vehicle and get an accurate reading. One disadvantage of a laser gun for the police is that an officer needs to aim the gun at a vehicle, whereas a radar gun can monitor a broad radar beam to detect Doppler shifts without the need to aim it at a specific vehicle.

A Laser Jammer Can Help You Avoid Speeding Tickets

A laser jammer can help you avoid getting a speeding ticket if a police officer is using a radar gun to calculate drivers’ speeds. K40 Electronics offers laser jammers that can help you avoid speeding tickets. Having a laser jammer in your car is legal in Connecticut. You can get a laser jammer at My Audioworks in Milford. Stop in today to learn more and get a laser jammer for your vehicle.


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