Why You Should Replace the Speakers in Your Car

replace car speakersFactory-installed car audio systems often do not provide the type of top-notch sound that music lovers would like. Sometimes the speakers wear out over time, and in some cases they are not that good to begin with.

Most factory-installed audio systems have “full-range” speakers. These have a single driver that produces the entire audio spectrum, or as much as the speakers can produce. Full-range speakers are fairly inexpensive and take up less space than component speakers, but the sound they produce is not as clear.

Choosing Better Speakers

If you are planning to upgrade your vehicle’s audio system, the first things you should replace are the speakers. Replacing the speakers can help you get better sound without breaking the bank. Component speakers can reproduce higher highs and lower lows than other speakers.

While upgrading to component speakers can be expensive, you can get improved sound at a lower price if you choose high-quality 2-way or 3-way direct replacement speakers. Replacing full-range speakers with 2-way or 3-way speakers with multiple drivers can make a major difference in sound quality. Even if you cannot afford top-of-the-line 2-way or 3-way speakers, replacing the original ones with better speakers can improve the quality of your car’s sound.

Premium aftermarket speakers are usually engineered better and made from better materials than factory speakers. Factory speakers generally have surrounds made of foam and paper that can deteriorate eventually. The quality of the sound will also deteriorate over time. High-quality aftermarket speakers usually have rubber surrounds that can last longer and provide better quality bass. Cones in aftermarket speakers are usually made from denser materials that allow them to produce better bass.

Other Upgrades You Should Make to Your Car’s Audio System

Replacing the speakers in your car can give you better sound, but you won’t get great audio if you still have a low-powered amp or head unit. To get the best sound possible, you will have to completely redesign your car’s audio system. You can choose a head unit and amp to match the configuration of your speakers. You should also use at least one subwoofer.

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