What Causes Speakers to Make Popping and Crackling Noises?

speakers popping crackling soundsLoud popping or crackling noises coming from your speakers can be annoying and can also be a sign that something is going on inside the speakers that is damaging them. Popping sounds are the result of a bad connection. The problem could lie in the cable, speakers, or another piece of equipment. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Problems with Speakers and Current

Most of the parts in your home audio system use relatively small electrical currents, but speakers use large amounts of current. It takes more energy to move air back and forth and produce sound. This is why a home audio system needs a power amplifier to supply enough current. If the current is interrupted by a bad connection, this causes the speaker to move suddenly, which makes popping sounds and puts stress on the wires inside the speakers that can make them fail.

Wiring Problems

Wires inside the speakers carry current from external connections to components that generate sound. Long-term wear can cause the wires to come loose, which can produce noise, especially when playing loud music. You might be able to repair the problem yourself, but if the wires are severely damaged you may need to replace them.

Issues with the Amplifier

An amplifier, especially an older one, can also cause crackling sounds. Transistors and capacitors can wear out over time, the sockets that hold them can corrode and come loose, and vibrations from loud bass music can shake the amplifier.

Connection Problems

Popping sounds can be caused by a poor connection between the speakers, speaker cables, and amplifier. Over time, connection points can become corroded, and the cables can accidentally be pulled loose. Wires can also become pinched in furniture or damaged in other ways, which can cause them to fray and make popping sounds. Check the cable at the amplifier and speakers and replace it if it is damaged.

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