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JL Amplifiers

Unleash the power of your system

JL creates unique car amplifiers that offer high value, in every price category. Whether you choose a model from there RD  lineups, or one of there flagship VXi amplifiers with integrated DSP, you benefit from JL's team's experience, and our total commitment to quality and innovation.

VXi Amplifiers

Reference-grade amplifiers with integrated DSP

VXi amplifiers combine JL Audio’s advanced amplifier technology with a powerful digital signal processor, all within a compact and beautiful package that is easy to install and offers unprecedented tuning power and flexibility.

The RD Lineup

Our Go To Amplifier For Most Needs

Sleek and powerful, RD amplifiers offer outstanding amplifier performance and value.



Full Range

Beneath every XDv2's removable control cover, you will find studio-grade signal processing with fully variable crossover filters. Also included are our noise-killing, highly flexible differential-balanced inputs with remote level control capabilities via the HD-RLC remote level control (optional). Also included is automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) and a dual-range differential-balanced input section able to handle a wide range of input voltage levels.
Some might just see a small amplifier, but for those who appreciate great audio, XDv2's reveal something huge.

JL Marine Grade 12v and 24v Amplifiers

Party Boat Time

JL Audio's electronics engineering team is the most experienced in the industry, and we task them with creating unique marine amplifiers that offer high value, in every price category. Whichever model you choose, you will reap the benefit of our team's experience, and their total commitment to quality and innovation.

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