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New Sight, New Feel

Come in and give your car a full treatment

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A New Option For Your Vehicle

Best of the Best

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Get the best protection for you boat and car.

WE all have something that we enjoy doing. Something That we like to spend our time doing. Some people like to go on walks some people enjoy their vehicles. Paint correction is jus the beginning to getting you car or boat looking the way it should.

Ceramic Coating

Bring out the luster of you newly correct paint. Now that all of the swirl and imperfections have been removed from your vehicle, protect it with high a high quality ceramic coating

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Now with a new glossy look, it needs to be maintained. We offer maintenance so that we can keep that new look on your vehicle looking the way it should for a long time. Come check us out.

Come Check Us Out

All services and inquiries can be made on the Exquisite Detailing website. Get in contact with Joe so he can get your ride looking the way it should be,

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