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Driving Assist

Dive safely and with a piece of mind


Dash cams

Drive with a piece of mind knowing that there will always be an extra set of eyes watching your surroundings. We off many different solutions for every variety. Front. Front and rear. Front, rear and interior. Whatever you need to feel safe and secure, we have a solution.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Does your car have too many blind spots that it's difficult for you to navigate around obstacles? We can help with that. Our parking sensors will detect objects in front or behind you. Giving you an audible beep that increases in intensity as you get closer to an object around you.

JDPA_Volvo Park Pilot.webp

Front and rear cameras

Navigate safely by having an extra set of eyes with you. We offer radio integration as well as mirror replacements. Many options of all application.

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