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JL C7 Speakers

Exceptional Soundscape

C7 Speakers.jpg

Available Sizes

1in Tweeter

3.5in Midrange

6.5in Woofer

Power Handling

100w @4 Ohms

We Challenge you to find something better

C7 is the pinnacle of JL Audio automotive loudspeaker design, benefiting from our most advanced development tools and a complete commitment to precision manufacturing.

The C7-650cw component woofer is capable of operating in a 3-way system, with a midrange and tweeter, or with only a tweeter in a 2-way configuration. Engineered from the ground up, it has exceptional linear excursion capability and outstanding linearity, resulting in solid mid-bass and pure, precise, mid-range performance. Distortion and non-linearities have been minimized through critical optimization of dynamic motor and suspension behaviors.

Passive crossover networks are not included with C7 drivers, as they are designed for active systems. Instead, we recommend a high-quality tuning DSP, such as the JL Audio TwK® 88 or D8, or a VXi amplifier with built-in DSP, with a dedicated amplifier channel for each C7 loudspeaker in the system. Precise setup of equalization, delay and crossover filters will ensure optimal in-vehicle performance.

C7-650cw Design Notes:
Cone and Dust Cap: Vacuum-formed, mineral-filled polypropylene material offers excellent damping and low mass. The cone body features a gentle curvilinear profile to optimize response. A specially shaped dust cap attaches to the cone body and the voice coil former to improve high frequency behavior.

Suspension design: The moving assembly is suspended and damped via a large-diameter, linear profile spider formed from a Nomex®/polycotton blend, and a positive-roll, rubber surround. The two combine to provide optimum damping without prematurely restricting the C7-650cw's outstanding excursion capability.

Motor Design: The C7-650cw employs a high-density magnetic circuit with a high-grade Y35 Strontium-ferrite magnet, and a specially machined, T-Yoke motor topology. Motor magnetics have been precisely optimized utilizing advanced FEA tools to reduce distortion and provide linear motor force throughout the driver's performance range.

A 32 mm (1.27 inch) diameter, overhung voice coil is employed, wound with copper wire onto a fiberglass voice coil former. The oversized voice coil offers extended power handling capability, minimizing thermal compression and distortion at higher listening levels. Chassis Design: A purpose-engineered cast alloy basket is employed, featuring thin spokes to maximize rear open area, and our Patented Elevated Frame Cooling technology.

Design Bandwidth:
With 48 dB/octave filters: 50 Hz - 5 kHz
With 24 dB/octave filters: 60 Hz - 5 kHz
With 12 dB/octave filters: 70 Hz - 5 kHz

Built in USA with Global Components
Sold individually, with a cast-alloy grille tray, one fine mesh steel grille insert and one spiral steel grille insert.

The performance of every C7 driver is tested and verified, then assigned a unique serial number. Register your C7 loudspeaker online to receive a copy of its specific Acoustical Test Report.

Screenshot 2022-07-27 104753.png

JL Audio's Chief Engineer and CEO, Lucio Proni, set the bar at the highest level, with a clear mission to create our finest-ever automotive component speakers. Under his direction, engineering resources were assigned to develop each C7 speaker as a clean-sheet design, optimized for car audio applications.

C7 design solutions were created and refined using JL AUDIO's powerful mechanical and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling systems, including our proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis (DMA) software. These studies led to innovative motor and suspension solutions, which were key to meeting the C7 design goals for smooth, off-axis response, dynamic stability and low distortion.


No detail, material or design element went unexamined in each of the C7 speakers: from the exotic, corundum ceramic-coated diaphragm of the C7 tweeter, to the intricately machined motor plates of the C7 midrange, which significantly improve linearity. Even seemingly small details were engineered with a great deal of thought-like the way the C7-350cm's specially engineered lead wires attach to the rear suspension to prevent noise, without damaging the spider material's integrity. The C7-650cw woofer's dust cap went through ten prototype generations before arriving at the solution that resulted in the smoothest high frequency response and the best mechanical integrity. These details, and hundreds of others like them, simply had to be perfect for the design team to approve them for the C7 drivers.
We expect that C7 system designers will seek to avoid technical compromises, so we have designed C7 for use with active crossovers. A high-quality DSP, such as the JL Audio TwK™ 88/ D8, or a VXi amplifier with built-in DSP is recommended, with individual amplifier channels for each C7 are the recommended architecture for peak performance. With this approach, the system designer can use delay, crossover parameters and precise equalization to adjust for speaker placement, cabin acoustics and target response.
This leads to a spectacular musical presentation, easily exceeding the performance boundaries of typical, high-end, car audio speaker systems. When you listen to C7, you will hear a level of resolution, precision and imaging that suspends disbelief, opening a window to an intensely pure audio experience.

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