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Why Do I Want a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is designed to bring warmth to you soundstage. It is designed to play those lower frequencies that your door speakers just can not play. Subwoofers will enhance you soundstage and greatly improve your listening experience. Even with the sound system that you already have in your vehicle.

How JL Makes Their Subwoofers

Full Frame Subwoofers:

  • W7AE: The reference for automotive sub-bass. Built in USA, with global components

  • W6v3: High output and sublime sound quality in small enclosures. Built in USA, with global components

  • W3v3: All-around excellence and reliability. Built in USA, with global components

  • W1v3: Well-suited for very small enclosures. Moderate mounting depth. Imported

  • W0v3: Exceptional value and performance. Imported

Thin-Line Subwoofers:

  • TW5v2: Incredibly shallow mounting depth and high output. Built in USA, with global components

  • TW3: Versatile, powerful, and great sounding. Built in USA, with global components

  • TW1: Superb sound quality in tiny enclosures. Built in USA, with global components

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The Stealthbox by JL

If you are like most people, you spend more time listening to music in your car than any other place. Too bad most car stereos have weak sound quality, especially in the bass department.
Adding a subwoofer is the single, most significant improvement you can make to a car audio system. Not only do you get the benefit of the subwoofer's superior bass performance, but with proper system design, you also relieve the small front and rear speakers in your car from the burden of reproducing bass. This makes them sound better, cleaner and louder.
Conventional subwoofers in the car can take up a lot of room and get in the way of people and cargo. JL Audio's Stealthbox® subwoofer systems elegantly solve this problem, while delivering a level of sub-bass performance that is way ahead of the curve. And, as their name implies, they don't get in your way or call attention to themselves visually.

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